I HEART BOOKSCategory: General   Jan 23rd 2018  08:30PM   0


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A field of possibilities Category: General   Dec 1st 2017  01:39PM   0

When I first got into this work,  I had no idea how much my pratice was going to expand in the different type of experiences I offer. In New York City, what I've loved about being a Tantric Practioner is the opportunity to explore all these different sides of myself and creating a place where others could as well in a safe supportive space. I adore the practicality of this work. It's not conceptual. It's creating experiences where ideas are actualized. It's not just tal

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Good VibesCategory: General   Mar 27th 2017  02:32PM   0

Happy New Year ! Category: General   Jan 3rd 2017  03:37PM   0

Happy New Year to Everyone 

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Tantric Sessions Are An Oasis Category: General   Jul 3rd 2016  12:09PM   0

The Untethered Soul Category: General   Apr 5th 2016  03:37PM   0



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Be Naughty and Nice to Yourself Category: General   Dec 5th 2015  04:31PM   0

The Best DreamCategory: General   Dec 4th 2015  12:07PM   0

I am a holiday Elf Category: General   Dec 3rd 2015  02:38PM   0

I find the holiday season an absolute thrill - Starting on Halloween Eve up until kissing under balloons and confetti on New Year's Eve it's a few months where I just surrender to the celebratory spirit in the air. I pack my calendar with holiday events, volunteer opportunities, and holiday treats (I've got to find out for myself which is the best hot chocolate in the city!) It's a time where the city is just game for fun - it's truly up for celebration - for a bit more

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A Passion for Seeing Happiness Everyday Category: General   Oct 6th 2015  01:22PM   0

I do this work because I love witnessing obvious  transformation in people. People look and feel peaceful, grounded, radiant, and sexy after a Tantra session.

I love sharing profound joy with people everyday

I love the ripple affect of my work – that after the session things are just a heck of a lot better.

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Luck Favors the Prepared Category: General   Oct 6th 2015  01:17PM   0

They say luck favors the prepared. Likely, you didn’t get to where you are in your life by just winging it. You know that success doesn’t just happen, it’s something you create. You bring your best to everything you do and don’t leave it just to chance. That’s just who you are. You wouldn’t want it any other way because you experience the fruits of your success every day. Who you are in the bedroom is no exception. Knowing that you bring your best self to

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Dropping into the Worthwhile Category: General   Aug 27th 2015  12:37PM   0

images copy 3_small.jpg 

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TBTCategory: General   May 28th 2015  06:01PM   0


Thursday Throwback- another hot summer day last year - enjoy some sizzle xo Christina 

Passion for QualityCategory: General   Apr 7th 2015  01:21PM   0

From the beginning, I designed Way of Bliss to be a "quality over quanity" practice. I invested in high quality education with celebrated, repubtable teachers, continue to perfect my skills, look for how I can provide the best quality for the time and I hired the best phone assistant in the universe.

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Never Underestimate High Quality Holistic Pleasure Category: General   Feb 24th 2015  07:51PM   0

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