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I am going to tell you a secret to happiness with women.

If you really want to show a woman that you really like her or that you love her when you share a compliment about her be detailed about it. Be specific.

For instance, if you say "You have beautiful eyes" that is something you can say to any woman and women know that. But, if you tell her what exactly you find beautiful about her eyes, then you have her attention. She will know that you are really paying attention to her.

I was in a class where we partnered up and the men had to describe the woman's face to her in as much detail as possible. It was a really beautiful experience.  The women in the room really felt seen by the men.  While I wouldn't recommend doing this on a date, details go along way.

Make sure it's genuine. If it's not genuine than it backfires. Than it just becomes another dating  technique.  We can spot that stuff a mile away and it really kills it for us. This is the opposite of that.

This is about how to help the woman you are with feel your appreciation and love for her. It's not about getting her to do anything. It's about making sure that your feelings for her are experienced and felt by her.  Women hear generalities a lot and it's easy for us to start feeling like "Yeah, Yeah - whatever. I hear that from all the guys. They say that to all the girls".  But, to get noticed by a man we like in really specific ways is exciting and new and gets us paying attention. We feel really seen and that lights us up. Like, if there is a woman you really like who is dating a few other people and you want to make it more exclusive, that is a way to show her that. She will most likely go with the guy who sees her, who can tell her the exact shade of her eyes or why she is beautiful to you. Don't go over the top with it into like a five minute description; just one sincere observation can go a long way. 

This is what love poems and letters are really about - that you are paying attention to her and that you are sharing how she specifically affects you. You are being present to her. And that is what woman really want. They want you to be present with them and this is a really wonderful way to show them that you are.

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