A Passion for Seeing Happiness Everyday Category: General   Oct 6th 2015  01:22PM   0

I do this work because I love witnessing obvious  transformation in people. People look and feel peaceful, grounded, radiant, and sexy after a Tantra session.

I love sharing profound joy with people everyday

I love the ripple affect of my work – that after the session things are just a heck of a lot better.

When people are comfortable with their bodies, with feeling pleasure in their bodies, they can have a spiritual experience that is evocative and visceral and it transforms how they relate to life, themselves, and others.

Sensual energy is Divine Life Force energy. It is the energy, the intelligence that creates us. I believe real eternal peace can only happen once we are at peace with, appreciate and love our bodies.

The wisdom I am passionate about happens through pleasure, bliss, sweetness, and adoration

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