I am a holiday Elf Category: General   Dec 3rd 2015  02:38PM   0

I find the holiday season an absolute thrill - Starting on Halloween Eve up until kissing under balloons and confetti on New Year's Eve it's a few months where I just surrender to the celebratory spirit in the air. I pack my calendar with holiday events, volunteer opportunities, and holiday treats (I've got to find out for myself which is the best hot chocolate in the city!) It's a time where the city is just game for fun - it's truly up for celebration - for a bit more useless fun than usual and in these times of tremendous stress in the world there are few things more useful than useless fun - I find it actually therapeutic to tune into the rock concert level joy that gets generated at this time of year - yes there is a lot of commercialism but underneath it is a lot of permission to cut loose and relax into some beauty, warmth, happiness and celebration - My calendar is packed with amazing happenings- midnight movies, spectacular shows, jubilant concerts - rock, jazz, classical, ice skating - the works - there's this great opportunity to fill ourselves up on the emotional currencies of positive energy that make dealing with the stresses of life much easier - it's so easily set at our feet right now - like a gift - rather than complaining sweep it up in your arms and enjoy it to the fullest - that joy will spill over and touch everyone around you.

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