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Happy New Year to Everyone 

It's been awhile since I've added to my blog - living a full beautiful life and all. It's a great time to reflect on being in my late 30s now - I've had my practice for a sweet amount of time now - there are so many things I love about this. I am at my best right now and only get better  - better than I've ever been as a Tantric Practioner and Teacher. I'm very comfortable with it and it still excites and inspires me. I also like being in my late 30s - I have a really rich beautiful life, interesting things to talk about, and have a good idea of the things that really matter in life - Each time a new client walks in the door I'm really looking forward to seeing how I can bring my best - and I adore my abundant regulars who I so look forward to seeing. 

I am a quality over quantity practioner - I'm great for adults who like to be with another adult - who enjoy a person who likes to savor the moment, talk about things that are meaningful or enjoy relaxed silence when you want to fully relax and renew. 


Looking forward to seeing you in the New Year xo Christina 

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