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When I first got into this work,  I had no idea how much my pratice was going to expand in the different type of experiences I offer. In New York City, what I've loved about being a Tantric Practioner is the opportunity to explore all these different sides of myself and creating a place where others could as well in a safe supportive space. I adore the practicality of this work. It's not conceptual. It's creating experiences where ideas are actualized. It's not just talking about the lightness in the darkness, it's creating experiences that are transcendent at their most kinky. It's not just talking about feeling better, it's actually feeling better after an hour or two of Tantric body work on my table. 

With couples sessions, it's not another book about how to relate better. It's a "let me show you" kind of practice. It's a generous, practical, relatable modality. I'm a green smoothie, yoga bending, zippity-do-da kind of gal who also loves ideas I can touch. It's why I've only expanded in the range of things I've offered over the years. The playground just keeps getting bigger.

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