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I've been putting together a blog posting called "Has the World Gone Gaga?"  Here's the gist of what I wanted to express. 

So, I am in two minds about Lady Gaga. On one hand, I think she is incredibly talented. She also has an extraordinary dedication for charity work for human rights, even dissolving a deal with Target because of their involvement with anti-gay organizations. On the other hand, it all starts to feel so decedent to me. It's all so over the top. Does a person really need to wear a dress made of raw meat or play a burning piano to be the loudest voice for gay rights right now?  Is someone who makes themselves so elaborately out there more worthy of being listened to than the everyday working class? What happened to the most popular female musician just having a guitar or a piano, wearing just a pair of jeans , a peasant blouse and no make-up? 

My senses get so overwhelmed by what she is doing - by all the super-hype 24/7 that seems to surround everything she does. It feels like a symptom of a larger problem - that people are so over stimulated that it takes more to catch their attention, more to wow them. But, it can create another reality too. I am finding that it's been pushing me in the opposite direction - to go simpler. To really take pleasure in the simple things on a level that I've never felt before.

My senses crave the simple, the everyday, the mundane. Give me the gal with the guitar with no make-up with the voice of a poet. I want to really be with the  people around me and know more about what's happening in their lives then in the life of a pop star.

And then the catastrophe in Japan happened. And the heart of the posting has taken on more much more significance. I can't even begin express the gravity of it all - I don't think anyone can. I just know that seeing a whole city turned into a mud field  in minutes is life-altering. I know that hearing the words "Nuclear Meltdown" puts a deeper perspective on everything. I know that the things I strive for feel less important. I am remembering that after a natural disaster like that all a person is thinking is "Where are my loved ones? Are they ok?" That's it at the very end of the day. Whatever a person accomplished could be wiped out forever in minutes and what is left? That's the question I am finding most fruitful: "What's left?"  And I am finding myself much more relaxed about getting things done - not lazy, just it's not the most important thing of the day that the To Do list is completed.  I'm taking the time to enjoy each meal more, to make sure to return the calls of my friends and family sooner, to be gentler on people, to just feel the breath moving through my body.  I love the Tantric practices remind me of this everyday -to return to the simple moment.  Right now I am writing this from the lobby of Gansvoort Park hotel - to me one of the most beautiful, comfy hotels in the city. There's great music, a huge fireplace, giant cozy chairs, gorgeous ambience in every direction and a feeling in the air of "life is good."  It's soothing and comforting. And, I'm just grateful to be safe, breathing safe air, and just a phone call away from everyone I love. So, thank goodness for the Lady Gagas of the world who add so much color and fun and creativity to everything they touch. And, thank goodness that at the end of the day we understand the answer to "What's left?" when it all vanishes.

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