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I sometimes get an amusing question. It's why my pictures on my site aren't more well...."Tantric". The truth is I'm a Mid-western gal with a penchant for Corsets, Pin-Ups, and Rock-N-Roll.  I love Glee and Family Guy. I also love exploring all facets of sexuality, especially those that increase health and well-being.  If I put on a sari and a bindi for my photos I'd just feel ridiculous. 

I know that putting up the photos I do could send the message that I really don't know anything about Tantra and it's just one of those code words for an escort. But, the reality is that I actually know a lot about Tantra. I've spent large amounts of time, money, and energy on stellar training.  I know a lot about sensual bodywork and I know a lot about how couples can have more fun  and connection in their intimate time together. I also know a lot about BDSM and how it relates beautifully to Tantra.  The truth about my pictures is that I don't want to insult your intelligence. I think if I did have pictures where I was wrapped in a sari or a belly-dancing skirt you'd see right away that I was faking it - that I was stuck in the image of what "Tantra" has to look like or that I was afraid of what you would think of me. But. I'm not. I am good with boundaries.  I've had too much training to pretend I don't know anything about Tantra when I'm in session anyway. So, whatever misconceptions people may bring get cleared up quickly. I really also want to normalize Tantra.  I want it to feel like something that is accessible, natural, and compatible with urban life.

Showing the real way I experience, relish, and embody sensuality is what is truly  in alignment with conscious sensuality.

I have so much fun at my photo shoots.  It's a fantastic process to pick out the outfits and just let my imaginations and fantasies bust out.  For this small-town gal playing with the Vixen and celebrating that fearlessly and openly has been wonderfully liberating, especially with having the education to back up all the offerings and information I put on my website.  In a few weeks, on Earth Day, I have a shoot with a renowned Pin-up photographer. My imagination has been running wild with ideas.

So, rest assured. If you are looking to experience anything on my session list, you will have a high quality fun, educational experience. You will get to celebrate and uncover your genuine self-expression with someone who is a pro at  doing just that.

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