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For a brief time several years ago I was a model for drawing and painting classes in the city. The gaze of the artist is a special one. While not at all sexual, it is unwittingly sensual.

Picture this. 

The morning sun pours into the  spacious art studio, splashing over old wooden floors. Artists scramble for their favorite spots in the room and settle in with their objects of creation. Out comes the sketch pads, the easel,  charcoal pencils, pastels, chalk, erasers.  

Before them is the model, standing naked in a patch of sunlight.  She finds stillness in a pose.

On her body she immediately feels the heat of this creative act, the heat of the alchemical fire. She feels that intoxicating, single-minded, collective focus on  finding in the landscape of her body, in the curves of her flesh, in her natural form their own work of art.  Her skin is blazing with this consumption of her form. She feels each stroke.

Because these are short poses the artists work hungrily, paining to  capture what is coming to their own imaginations through gazing at this form.

It is an invisible dance, unclear who is leading.

And then the time is up. The spell is broken for a moment. The model slips into a long silk robe. The sketch is put aside. A blank page is found. She sips a glass of water and then disrobes.  She finds again a simple pose.





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