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I found this passage and thought it was very beautiful so wanted to share:

"The truth is that our attributes are not possessable. No one is truly self-made from the start. So many factors contribute to who we are - we are not a closed system. We cannot hold a position without the support of others. All of the knowledge we have absorbed comes from our parents, our teachers, and the environment we grew up in. If we are beautiful, we necessarily have to attribute our beauty to our parents (or maybe our surgeon) it is not self-created.  We may even be leaders of the free world, but we were elected. We may know a lot but all of these attributes - whether temporal or spiritual - are provided to us through the hard work of others. So, rather than taking all the credit and feeling cocky because we have so much to offer with our incredible creativity, we can see ourselves as the recipients of others' kindness. The minute we try to own our attributes and identify with them, they turn around an bite us where it counts.

When we recognize the source of our attributes, they become less personal and we can enjoy them. Rather then defining who we are, they can serve the function of enriching our lives as well as others;. Appreciation unleashes all the inherent positive qualities of the mind. Appreciating others has a unifying effect and brings us out of our isolation.Humility is an attractive quality, one universally cherished. When people try to sell themselves, no matter how attractive they are, our natural response is to walk away.  People naturally discriminate between self-conscious crassness of arrogance and the grace of humility and ordinariness." - Dzigar Kongtrul from Light Comes Through:Buddhist Teaching on Awakening Our Natural Intelligence

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