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Yesterday I took a Level 3 Ashtanga Yoga class where you move synchronized on the breath. It translates to a new posture each second.  The focus in the class was sharp with everyone's movements fluid and smooth like a dance.  I found my mind becoming very quiet while my awareness  heightened. I moved into a state of mindfulness where I was  present to the moment, the logical mind was assisting where it was needed and mental noise was quiet.  Also, there was a grace and strength to the postures that had nothing to do with my logical mind trying to figure it all out.  Also, because the focus of the class was in keeping in the flow of practice I stopped concentrating on what I could and could not do. I found myself easily moving into postures I previously had been convinced I couldn't do. The wall between "I can do this" and "I cannot do this" fell away. There was attentiveness to not pushing my body over the edge but there wasn't time to let the old mental blocks get in the way.  This class encouraged us to tap into the intelligence that is beyond merely mental intelligence - we moved into the intelligence that is kinesthetic, intuitive, innate. It's the kind of intelligence where you just catch something that falls without looking at it,  enact a lightening reflex to swerve a car,  even solve a challenge on a video game without logically working it out.  It's the place music, dance, paintings - all the creative arts are born from.  It also applies very deeply to sensual expression - this is exactly the place where we need to go to in order to find true fulfillment. Often times where we get stopped is we've made the mental logical mind King and we need to expand out and trust our other modes of intelligence. 


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