What on Earth is Meditation? Part 2 of 2Category: General   Jun 21st 2011  12:47PM   0

I only really understood meditation when I began to investigate active meditation - where there is physical movement happening. In the city, we are exposed to such a massive input of energy and information.When we sit down to a quiet moment there can be a lot of noise inside our minds and our bodies.  We need to release that energy in order to quiet down internally enough to sense of deeper state of peace. We are sitting all day. We sit in the car or subway, we sit at the office, we sit to watch tv, we sit on a plane, ect. ect.  And if we do move it's often to get from A to B - even exercise is often simply a means to an end. And while we are doing it we are thinking of what we need to be doing next.

So then we go to practice meditation and here we are sitting again.  I understand there is great benefit to sitting meditative practices . I have great respect for them. There is also something to be said about the needs of a modern society, especially big city dwellers - where we process more information in a day than our ancestors may have processed in a lifetime. And much of it is mental information while we are seated. We need some sensuality in our meditation. We need to feel the breath, we need to release that built up tension and stress in the body, we need to get a little empty first. We need to feel our bodies and feel that larger intelligence beyond the mental mind. And, what I love about sensual meditation is that it is free, creative, natural, and relational.  It really gets us out of our heads and into our bodies. It's earthy and feminine. It reminds us that we are human.



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