Feel the RainbowCategory: General   Jun 27th 2011  01:31PM   0

Yesterday the city was a glow in rainbow hues. Thousands of gays, lesbians and their supporters took over the streets in an explosion of glitter, feather boas, and hot pants. A drag queen dressed as Juno the Goddess of Marriage (ironically the month of June is named after her) preceded over the day.

It was funny to be in an environment where I was hit on by the girls and the guys just wanted to know where I got my outfit. Being very bi myself it was an amusing afternoon.  It was a huge breath of fresh air to be surrounded in so much free self-expression and celebration. I felt a great sense of relief and satisfaction walking through the streets last night - a sense that people were getting the respect and recognition that they deserved and things just felt a little more right in the world. And what's not to love about a guy in a pink boa, short shorts and a mohawk covered in sparkles dancing down the street. It reminded me how much spunk and flavor is alive and well in good old NYC.



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