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I've been thinking lately about the word Sensual. What does it mean really? Well, I think first it's important to talk about what it's not. Sensual is not the same thing as Emotional. Someone can be a very emotional person and not at all sensual. Emotions are actually expressions of the mind.  We express emotionally what we think about something. And that is why we can easily change our emotions around something when it's reframed mentally. You understand what someone really meant and then there is no longer anger. You have an insight about something that had brought you sadness and now feel peaceful.  You were down in the dumps and hear about something happening that is very meaningful to you, like you just won something or got a promotion, and out of those mental connections there is excitement, glee, happiness. Even though it's experienced through the body,  it's not sensuality.

Emotions are spectacular.  They bring an incredible beauty and richness to life. Without them, we are just like robots. It's what keeps us human. I love emotions and am grateful to have a full range of them. They just are not the same as sensuality.

So, sensual is being present to the physical experience of something. It's tasting the fresh strawberry bursting in your mouth. It's experiencing the sensation of a caress down your back. It's feeling the sensation of an ocean breeze on your skin. It's noticing how the sunlight catches in a lover's hair.  It's about being present to the world around you and experiencing the sensations of it.

Also, when one is exploring sacred sensuality it's being present to the transcendent quality within the physical sensation.

So, someone who is very emotional isn't necessarily a sensual person.  In people who are truly sensual you will actually find a real groundedness, a sense that "someone is home" when you are connecting with them.  People who are highly emotional sometimes have a challenging time being grounded, in feeling the world around them, in being present to how something feels on their body, to what's really happening in real time in the physical space they are in at that moment.  They may actually have a challenge in connecting with their bodies - in what the body needs and wants. So, if someone is very passionate, very emotive, and lives their lives through the depths of their emotions, while they can be incredibly creative and express absolute genius it can be wrong to assume that they are also sensual. They can be and it's always good to take a closer look.

So, you may find a very emotional person who says "Oh, I love this so much!." " Oh this feels so good! "  "Oh, this food is my favorite!"  While amusing and fun to be around they are not necessarily really having a sensual experience. You can see it and feel it when someone is experiencing something sensually. They may not even say much about it but it's very clear that they are experiencing it. They are in the moment with it and it's clear  - like a singer doesn't have to tell you "I am enjoying this so much!" You see it in the way they express themselves.  They can say it but you already knew it too.  When a person is just very emotional and not very sensual and says it, it's sometimes like "Oh ok, I'll take your word on it" - it can be like they are not really there, just the emotion is - you wouldn't have been able to really tell they are really having a great time by just looking at them and it could change in an instant to having a bad time. There's nothing wrong with all of this. It's just good to have the discernment so you know what's happening and how to have more of the experiences that you want with people.




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