The Mantis on the trainCategory: General   Sep 27th 2011  08:19PM   0

Today when I went to find a seat on the subway, a couple was standing over one of the benches. "Are you going to sit down?" I asked. "No, there is a Praying Mantis on the window and we are trying to figure out how to get it off the train" the woman answered.  I followed their gaze to find a gorgeous Mantis resting quietly in the corner of the window.  It must have hitched an accidental ride from the park. I looked around to see a few others engaged in it.  "It is so beautiful and completely harmless," an elderly woman added.   "Unless you are her date," I thought (unfortunately the male Mantis becomes lunch after a roll in the hay). Anyways, I listened as people threw out suggestions. "We need a newspaper" the woman said. A man silently handed over a section of his paper to me. "What are you going to do with that?!" one guy quipped very helpfully. "I have no idea," I answered. The couple's stop came and I could see the concern in their eyes. "Good luck," they said.  I had to think fast because my stop was approaching too.

So, I started playing around with the newspaper and was able to create a little bag with it where I could close the top once I got it inside. My biggest fear was that if I went near it it would start flying around the subway car, a surefire end not nearly as great as at least being with a lady Mantis first. But, it seemed worth the risk. It was a stunningly beautiful innocent creature who had accidently fallen out of it's element. I made sure the bottom was secure of my makeshift bag and eased it in, quickly sealing the top. "Nice work!" Mr. Helpful said. I was tingling with elation at having succeeded in my Mantis rescue mission. Thankfully, I was getting off at Herald Square that had a little park. I carried it carefully to a quiet spot in the park.  I put the newspaper close to a leaf and opened the top. The Mantis elegantly walked out onto the leaf and disappeared under the foliage. That little event completely made my day - the rest was just sprinkles on top.

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