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I was sharing something with a friend of mine the other day whose familiar with my work. He enthusiastically said"You should write about that in your blog!" So, here it is.

It's important to me to be at my best for every session. I don't see clients when I am really tired or in any way under the weather.  I want to be fully alert and give my best for everyone who books a session with me. It is an honor to see clients. You are entrusting the person you book with to be who she presents herself to be and to spend your time and money on something that is going to be worthwhile to you. I respect that.  I won't book someone purely for  financial gain. If I am really tired I will figure out another time to see them because my work is really important to me.  Booking a client is based on 3 things: if I am the best person to offer what they are looking for, if there is an easy, friendly repoire, and  if I can give the best session at the time they are asking.  I go for quality over quantity. I am not a high volume practitioner because the quality of the session is extremely important to me. And, I take good care of myself - I do yoga everyday, eat well, have a great personal life and enjoy my hobbies. All of those elements are essential as well in showing up to my work in the best way.

A misconception for new people coming into the field is that it is an easy field to do really well in. And, that is not really the case. It may be true for the first month or two but if their practice doesn't have firm principles giving it a solid backbone, the practice will not succeed. If it's not taken seriously, if there is not a passion behind it for excellence, care, and respect, there will be no longevity. I really have a thriving practice. I never have less clients than I want to have. It's taken a few years to build that but it's something I feel really good about.  Ironically, one of the reasons this is so is because I will not see someone if I've already seen a couple of people that day and I am tired. I'll find another time that works.  So, everyone who books with me knows that they are going to get a top quality session. Having a high volume practice actually doesn't create a thriving practice. The high volume quickly becomes low volume. People can sense when their practitioner is going through the motions, when their mind of wandering to somewhere else or when they would rather be resting in front of the TV with their feet up. Ironically, taking that time to rest creates a better business in the long run.

You want to know that the person you have booked with wants to be there, that they are fully up for the session and are fully engaged in it. One thing I am really sensitive to is that all my clients feel significantly better when they leave - that the session has added positively to their day - hopefully even their lives -  that that they leave feeling respected, well taken care of, and like it was absolutely worth it. I think that all the little details matter - how easy it is to get to a space, how safe the space feels, how clean it is, how beautiful and cozy it looks, how quiet it is, how the temperature in the room is, making sure I look nice and put together and appropriate, especially for an outcall - all these little things either add to the enjoyment of the session or they take away from it - and I am serious about only adding.

I appreciate what it can sometimes take to give something or someone new a shot or what it's like to be really stressed out and exhausted and just so hoping that what you are booking is going to alleviate it instead of add to it. Or, to really want to explore something that you are really into and also hoping that the other person isn't just going through the motions just to make a few bucks - that they genuinely an equal in interest. So, just so you know - that's where I am always coming from with Way of Bliss

Big Hug, Christina

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