What's the Matter?Category: General   Feb 15th 2012  08:30PM   0

A couple of weeks ago I decided to check out a lecture on the Greatest Physics Discoveries of the 20th Century. What was most intriguing about it is how much scientist don't know about the nature of matter and how the universe behaves. There are far more questions then answers. And I think that is incredibly good news. There is still more that we don't know than we do about the great mystery of life. It's such a brilliant and complex masterpiece that we are nowhere near comprehending it. There is great peace in that. No matter what at any given moment we are manifested from this mystery. It's not even an esoteric or spiritual concept. It is a scientific reality. This thing called matter is actually not even fully understood by the greatest minds of our time. The power of it is incomprehensible. The intelligence of it beyond what we can conceive. And that's really what  we actually are.  Each one of us. And this will always be the case. No matter what we accomplish or don't accomplish we are manifestations of this awe inspiring intelligence. I know a lot of us don't act like it. But, maybe if we really got that we would act differently. Maybe just sitting with that reality, letting it really sink in would be sobering. And how funny it is - what a cosmic joke it is that we are made out of this grand intelligence that is actually too grand to really understand and we don't even remember it most of the time - now that's funny!  Profoundly funny. And, ironically maybe a great tonic to not getting too caught on the small stuff.   Just listening to the actual science of how matter is put together and how much is still unknown about it is better than any science fiction. We may never know the truth.  The greatest mystery at all is still alive and well.

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