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I am a Park and Recreation nerd. It's a great show that reminds me of the small town Mid-West. It's different from anything else on tv right now.  It's optimistic, sweet, and light-hearted. Every character is pitch perfect (although Ron Swanson as the diehard mountain man who hates bureaucracy so much he works there only so he can destroy it through his terrible management is pretty epic)   I always feel good after I watch it.  Rob Lowe on the show is so wonderful. He's deeply funny and created a character who is unforgettable. I never read celebrity autobiographies -ever. But, browsing around Barnes and Noble one afternoon I was caught by the staggering rave reviews of Rob Lowe's new book about his life. I never really thought about Rob Lowe. But then I saw him on this show and thought "Wow, who is this guy?! He's amazing!" I always knew who he was but I never paid much attention until this show hooked me, especially his fantastic character. It's a complex character in this 30 min show and made me wonder about him. So, I started reading it. And you know what? I can't stop reading it. I am completely glued to it. It's such a beautifully written book. He's a gifted writer. The first story about his friendship with JFK, Jr. made me cry.  He is such a gorgeous writer and I know already I'm going to be sad when the book ends. The guy in my favorite burger joint asked me what I was reading and I was actually embarrassed to answer. It is a celebrity autobiography - you know the ones that they built a whole off Broadway show to make fun of (other celebrities read celebrities auto bios in a way that shows how incredibly narcissistic and ridiculous they mostly are). But, I persevered. I told him "It's Stories I Only Tell My Friends by Rob Lowe and it's really awesome and you should read it."  So, a little embarrassed but also totally excited to have found such a gorgeous book - I say the same to you - It's really awesome and you should read it. 

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