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With the shuffling off of the darkness and cold of winter, new levels of activity are afoot. In NYC the sun is out, the air is warm, daffodils and tulips are popping up in their full glory wherever they can.  In the cafe I am writing this in the wall of windows are wide open and everything feels light and vibrant. I was thinking too that the imagery of spring -with it's pastels and bunnies - although extremely cute and fresh - doesn't really capture the actual energy of spring. The life force that is springing everything to life is one of the wildest, most powerful and primal forms of energies that exists. The sheer viralness of nature is pulsing through everything and although it manifests as things that can be extremely cute and sweet, it's a pretty wonderfully ferocious energy. I think we express this energy in a healthier way when we tune into it's real embodiment and not it's more neutered version. 

With the increase in activity again, I've been thinking too about inertia. There's always that moment when we are working out or doing anything that requires patience and presence where we want to give up so badly. The inner voice is really pissed off. It wants to stop and is screaming to give in. And there's that moment where we decide what we are going to do. We have to find that decision to stay focused and keep going. Those moments are among the most powerful in our lives. That small quiet choice has a ripple effect. It's the same energy of Spring. We are literally creating a new life when we push ahead. We are literally creating new neuropathways in the brain that make unprecedented life experiences now available to us. Once we become proficient at overcoming inertia, life open up. 

 I've also been thinking about the difference between the intuition telling us to stop and that coach potato voice saying "I don't want do this anymore!" I find when it's my intuition two things happen. First it's very simple and straight to the point - there's no emotion or mental story about it. The second is it's like a primal vibe that takes over my body. When it's my couch pototato voice I can easily observe it as a voice in my head that if pictured would be me on the couch with my arms tightly folded and a "I ain't movin!" scowl. The intuition feels like something I couldn't picture mentally. It feels more like an animal urge to back away from something - it's not mental - it's pre-cognitive. There's not too much drama and fanfare - it's just a clear, simple response.  And usually if I don't listen to it and a negative consequence appears I always think "Yup, I'm not too surprised that happend- should have listened." 

I'll digress for a moment because I think this is such a cool story - friends of mine who are a married couple were sharing with me about a moment where the wife saved her husband's life. They were heading for a head on crash and his wife just reached over automatically and grabbed the back of her husband's neck and shoved it down between his knees. When the crash was over, they both walked away with just a few scratches. He asked her why she had done that and she answered that she had no idea. When the response team was examing their car, they asked him "How are you still alive? " A huge piece of metal had ripped through the car and sliced the headrest on the husband's side clear off. If his wife hadn't shoved his between his legs, , he would have met the same fate as the headrest.  She saved his life by letting her intuition take over. 

It can be subtler in everyday life. It can be quieter, sometimes as quiet as a whisper. It can be that gnawing feeling that something isn't right. It's more a feeling than a mental voice. Instead of demanding this natural language to be more like our cognitive language,  we need to honor it's way of communicating and learn it's language. It's not going to change so the more familiar we are with how it communicates, the easier life gets. And in the context of overcoming inertia, we can quickly discern what's our inner alarm saying "Stop or you are going to hurt yourself" and that mental inertia that we need to call up that inner power to blow past.  And when we have the strength to do that, it applies everywhere in life. That moment when you are doing your morning workout where your mind starts freaking out that it really can't do one more push-up and you make the choice to do just one more translates into the rest of the day - when you have to tackle that task that seems overwhelming that determination kicks in. And then, like a ripple affect, you find it easier and easier to do the things that feel difficult and uncomfortable, because you keep getting feedback on how great the rewards are.  And, that's what I think about when I think about Spring. That this primal life force energy that is surging to make everything new again exists in us every day of the year. 

Also, I think it's worth mentioning that there's an art to working with this - an art to balancing our will with emotional intelligence and intuition. There's an art to not going overboard in pushing through to the point where our will gets overblown and we can't handle the concepts of patience or the desires and needs of others anymore. Spring is such a beautiful example of this - I look out into the park and there's a touch of every color of the rainbow - a touch of purple, red, yellow, orange. The sheer variety of color is a large part of it's beauty. We want to seek to emulate that in ourselves - to have a healthy touch of all these different ways of being and become artful in when to apply what. It's an intentional journey in our own development that is well worth the investment and let's face it - a heck of a lot of fun with unparalleled rewards. We can then fully enjoy and embody the richness of life and who doesn't want that? Well, that old coach potato voice doesn't but who wants to play with that bump on a log anyways?  So, Happy Spring and hope you get outside today and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. 

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