Can the digital age preserve the world's greatest mysteries?Category: General   Apr 11th 2012  04:11PM   0

I was thinking today how youtube is possibly maintaining the world's mysteries. With so many videos being faked these days no one really believes anything they see anymore on youtube that is miraculous and extraordinary. Except for a few die hards, videos proclaiming to have captured Bigfoot out for his morning stroll or an alien stepping from her space ship are immediately scoffed at by the general public as being faked. So, perhaps the good news about that is that we maybe can ironically maintain some of the mysteries in the world. If someone does film an actual esoteric or paranormal event getting people to believe it's real and not faked is an extremely tough job these days. Even showing actual UFO wreckage these days could be met with "You are so not going to make a fool of me with beleiving you! You made that in your art studio!" With digital technology and textile materials  getting better and better, it's getting more and more difficult to tell the real from the hoax. And if there is a Big Foot or a Loch Ness monster out there that may be great news to them. Someone can capture hours of footage and put it right up on YouTube and most likely the comments will be "Wow, you are an amazing digital artist. Nice work!"  And there's Big Foot, pointing at you and laughing. 


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