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"Life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forwards" - Soren Kierkegaard

I don't really believe in New Year's resolutions. It always feels like a canceling out of the year, like we are chastising ourselves for what we didn't do and focusing on where we fell short. This isn't a sustainable place to create change. If it's built completely on disappointment in ourselves it's not going to stick. I think it's also too shallow. When we get to the underpinnings of why we are doing things then real change can happen. Just willing ourselves lasts for about a week.

But, I have found reviewing a year  to be amazing. What is extraordinary about human beings is our ability to self-reflect and to make new choices based on that inquiry. And our lives are precious and we deeply affect the people around us. What is astounding about human beings too is our ability for reinvention. A person can go from being homeless to a multi-millionaire, from knocking on death's door to award winning athlete, from being unemployed and being the head of a company.  We can be in better health in our 60's than we were in our 20's.  We can completely reinvent our bodies. We can transform how we relate with the people we love. The list goes on and on. We get a fresh start.

None of these things happen by accident - it happens  by taking advantage of that gift for transformation we innately have.  It comes out of taking some time to dig around inside to see what is going on, to find that place in ourselves that knows exactly what we want and knows we have the privilege to create it even when we are starting at nothing.

Some good questions that spark insight:

What is still working well this year that was working well last year too?

What were highlights of this year?

What positive thing happened that I never thought was possible for my life?

What was really difficult this year? What do I need to do to be complete about it before the year's end?

What is one preventable problem that happened this year? What did I learn from that to be free of it in 2011?

What is a positive quality I developed in myself this year?

What do I want to be saying about my year on December 31st 2011?


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