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 I am so excited about something I bought today. I got the Breville Ikon Juice Fountain Juicer.  If a juicer can be sexy, this would be the one. It's really sleek, quiet, beautifully designed, super fast and cleans in less than 5 minutes.  It's clear really smart people designed it. In about 2 minutes I juiced an entire bag of apples. I didn't even have to cut them in half!

There is something just so completely satisfying about a perfectly designed kitchen appliance. When I walk in my kitchen and see it sitting there I get a thrill. It's better than a new toy. It's really like a leap forward in supreme health. I'm a huge fan of fresh juices. But, all the juicers I had before were not well designed and it was like a part time job to make a glass of juice. But, the Breville is a revelation. I literally had 32 oz of fresh apple and orange juice in less than five minutes. And it cleans up really quickly too.  And In less time than it takes to make a bowl of pasta I had a glass of awesome fresh vegetable juice too. 

I actually remember my interest in health started with juicing. I was a tween and my family got a Champion juicer. My best friend and I found it extremely novel and loved to use it. We made huge amounts of fresh juices and invented all kinds of recipes together (We juiced huge amounts of slightly fermented grapes - which now explains why those particular recipes seemed extra fun to drink) So,  I began to notice that I had a lot more energy, my skin was clearer and I was in better shape. It was then the connection between health and whole natural foods really hit me. Experiencing how just that one act changed my health  in so many ways was all the proof I needed that wholesome foods were the best way to go.  At that time in the suburbs of WI there was no Whole Foods. There was a catalog you would order your health food from and then go pick it up at a distributor's house. It was a little like Christmas morning opening up all these boxes of organic foods that I had spent hours pouring over in the catalog. (Geez, my parents were so very cool to let me do that) 

Juicing is really one of the easiest and best things you can do for yourself.  Fresh veggie and fruit juices every day can give you crazy amounts of energy, melt off extra weight,  clear up health problems and digestive issues, give you gorgeous radiant skin, and cleanse and revitalize your internal organs. It's particularly great for your heart. And, it's one of the best sources of antioxidants. 

(And it's super good for your libido too. Too much flour and sugar are like wet sand in your body. Lots of fresh juices keep you lean and strong and vital - keeping close to nature in your diet keeps you close to your nature in other areas too. ) 



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