For the Love of ChocolateCategory: General   Apr 27th 2012  09:20PM   0

I was in a little gourmet food shop the other day and saw "Stone Ground Chocolate" tucked away with all the other chocolate bars and I was sold.  The stone ground way to make a chocolate bar minimally processes the cocoa beans so the robust flavor stays intact and it has a wonderful slightly gritty texture. It's the best chocolate that I've had ever - seriously. And I fell in love with the company. They are called Taza and their website is just amazing. Their commitment to integrity of their products and their company is really beautiful. They do direct trade with a small group of farmers and use granite stone mills to process the beans.  And you can even put in the Batch Number of the chocolate you bought and see a video of exactly how it was made.  The company is a beautiful love letter to chocolate, indigenous tradition, transparency, and integrity in commerce.  If you are into chocolate or just want to see an example of a fantastic company  check these guys out -

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