Notes from yoga classCategory: General   Jun 18th 2012  10:59AM   0

In yoga this weekend a teacher said "Yoga is not about the poses you can get into. It's about the poses you can't get into and how you deal with that."  I found that to be a profound statement and applicable to life in general. We are not built so much by what comes easily to us. We form ourselves and the architecture of our lives by how we deal with the things we find difficult to do. Do we give up ? Do we stay at it with calm diligence? Do we get angry and loose our center? Do we take a deep breath and try again? Our future is not yet created and each of these choices are our building blocks for what we experience in our lives. If we stay at it, calm and centered, we will build something different in our lives than if we respond to the things we struggle in with outrage, unrealistic expectations, or giving up.  In yoga, there is always a time to accept that perhaps your particular body will never be able to do certain poses. But, that is not the point. It all goes back to how you deal with that. We do what we can and let go of the rest.


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