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Keep It Simple

I was in dance class the other day and I realized that the biggest problem in learning a new combination is making it more complicated than it is. Most of the game with dance is getting the head out of the way.  The majority of the time, the remedy to learning a new combination is to look where I'm complicating it. Almost every time the move is vastly more simple than I am making it out to be. Many advanced moves are simple moves done faster and in new relationship to each other.  The same goes for Yoga. When the beginners look into the advanced class, they laugh and say "I'll never do that".  But, really the advanced classes are slight variations on the basics and are carefully built on top of a solid foundation of simple moves. Broken down, it's a lot of simple moves put together in new ways. It may be complicated to a beginner but by the time you are in the Advanced class, there is a sense that sooner or later you will figure out anything you are given because it's all in the same vocabulary. Our brains often freak out when learning a new skill in the sense that we assume it's extremely complicated so we make it so.  Or, we go too advanced to begin with. The key is to look where we are making it more complicated than it really is. The same goes in our love lives. Where are you believing that it is more complicated than it is?

Learning new skills are a great way to bring that awareness home - when we see where we are complicating one thing it's easier to see where else it applies.  A lot of it is just practice and getting out of our own way. In dance, the best things happen when the mind is silent. The mind is so integrated into the moment that it's just doing it's job in an optimal way - making sure you're timing is right, that you're not going to smash into another dancer, things like that. It's being used in the best possible way.

The same applies in Tantra. If you are saying to yourself, "This stuff is too complicated for me," it's really not. It's simple. It's powerful - the way a beautiful dance is powerful - but with a knowledgeable guide you will be guided slowly through the basics to give the mind time to adjust to learning new skills. And, you will find the grace of rich simplicity.

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