Those drops that start the waterfallCategory: General   Jul 12th 2012  12:24PM   0

I heard something recently that I really loved. It was the idea of "Any Positive Change" - that there is no such thing as too small of positive change. I think we often pull ourselves out of the game of reaching specific goals because we are expecting ourselves to make the big, bold moves. And, this more gentle approach is more effective. Any positive change, even if it is the tiniest of actions, has an impact.  Just as it takes only small turns of a steering wheel or a couple of footsteps on a path to go in an entirely new direction, so it is with the creative ways we want to change our lives. Recognizing anything we did in our day that set something in a new, better direction for our life resonates.  I think that the things in life we end up being the most happy with are a collection of small steps in that direction. A huge, bold move often doesn't sustain itself - it needs to be backed up by all those little positive changes over time. The subconscious is paying attention. There's a break in the pattern - all it takes is a tiny one - and another tiny one - and another tiny one after that and so on. It's powerful because that's really how things come together - it's all a collection of moments moving in a certain direction. That one note that starts the composition. That one glance that creates a spark. That one little kiss on the cheek that reminds someone they are loved. Whatever it is - however small it is - don't discount it. Keep your mind on what you're doing, not what you are not - any positive change counts. 



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