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As the days begin to fill up with warmth, sunshine and the first peeks of Spring flowers, it's easy to feel ourselves lightening up and letting go of the heaviness of winter.

This is also a wonderful time to become more aware of our mental clutter. 

Have you ever met a nervous talker? You can sense that it's a defense mechanism that keeps them from relaxing into the moment. Well, we can become Nervous Thinkers when connecting with our sensuality. The mind can whirl with a nonstop internal chatter. And, like a nervous talker - it can be about anything and everything and most of the time isn't connected very closely with the moment.  The mind chatters on about what's for dinner, what we have to pick up at the dry cleaners, what we have to get done for work, what we should get a friend for their birthday, and on and on and on and on while we are connecting sensually with ourselves or another person.

This nervous mental chatter can be our own defense mechanism. There can be anxiety about getting into sensation, about feeling into our bodies, around connecting with another person and the vulnerability of that,  or just relaxing and letting our guard down. The trouble with it is that we miss all the fun. It's like being at a party with headphones on - we miss why we are even there in the first place - to have an experience,  to feel joy and freedom and carefree, to be a participant in the goodness of life.

In Tantra, we work specifically in straight-forward, experiential techniques to free yourself from that internal nervous thinker so that you may experience what your sensuality really is in that moment - to fully receive the experience of it - to find that space of happiness, release, and fulfillment that comes with going beyond that barrier. Now is the perfect time to discover that.

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