Shake It Off Category: General   May 6th 2013  02:14PM   0

One thing that I know for sure is that quiet, still meditations are only one form of meditation. A wild, ecstatic, free moment is another form of meditation, equally valuable to sitting in stillness on a meditation cushion. We are made up of many different kinds of energy and holding the notion that only one kind of meditation is real separates us from so much possibility.  Anything that is done mindfully is a form of meditation. Mindfully means that your attention is in the moment. You may be aware of thoughts that are not in the moment but you are observing them rather than being thought by them. Our bodies are full of life and vitality, dynamic life force energy. We need to let that energy express itself - not to dispel it or throw it off but to allow it to heal us, nourish us, release us, remake us. We need to let that wildness out - to embody more, to make greater space within. Stretch beyond the meditation cushion and find the wisdom within your wild, free, untamed body.

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