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Fall is officially here and as the trees gracefully shed their leaves it brings to mind thoughts about what to let go and what to cuddle up to. I've been pondering the monologues we have with ourselves - those conversations that swirl around like a monkey on your back, especially around sensuality.

We have a choice around those internal conversations.  Just as you always have a choice about who you want to be intimately involved with (not including that TMI guy at work who you know way more about than you ever would want to)  we have a choice about what ideas, thoughts, beliefs we want to be intimately involved with.  Our thoughts are so deeply personal - we are more intimate with our thoughts than with anything or anyone else in our lives.   They are with us all the time and the relationship we have with our own mind determines the quality of our life.

I've found the same thing applies to really negative internal conversations as really negative people - fighting is like fuel on a flame (and makes us feel crazy to engage with). We as human beings have this extraordinary singular ability to choose what we think about and how we think about things. Like seeking the sun on an overcast day, entertain better ideas. Ponder other options. Just like we have the social freedom to gravitate towards the people we find most fun and interesting at a party, that's actually also the easiest way to become intimate with better thoughts. Assert the control you have over what's permeating your mind by directing yourself towards thoughts that work better for you.

Its similar to dating - you don't spend a lot of time on the people you don't like. You bid them ado and move onto people you enjoy more without really looking back. Take that same control over those nagging negative thoughts around your erotic life that you have. Get intimate with thoughts and beliefs that are going to allow you to have more fun, experience deeper love, and know real fulfillment.

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