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Happy New Year to you all. I hope it was a wonderful holiday for you all. It's hard to believe it's a brand new year, all fresh and shiny.  I recently looked at my goal list that I made last January of all the things I was going to accomplish in 2013. What I found really interesting is that I achieved about two things on that long list. And, I also realized I've never been happier with my life. There were so many things that came to life this past year that were unplanned, unexpected, unforseen that ended up meaning more to me than what I thought those goals would. As John Lennon beautifully puts it "Life Happens When You Are Making Other Plans"  The truth is a lot of times we are going more for a feeling - we are going for how we think accomplishing that thing will make us feel. If we focus more on the way we want to feel than life can deliver that in many different ways with it's infinite creativity. For instance, the intention to feel vibrantly healthy throughout the year leaves a lot of room for things you hadn't even thought of to come your way.

The problem sometime with static goals is that if we don't acheive that specific thing we can tend to just drop it completely - i.e. "I said this year I'd go to the gym at least twice a week this year - I haven't made it in 3 weeks - I might as well give up". With an intention for how we want to feel we tend to have bigger, more flexible thinking - as in "Ok, what can I do this week or today to feel really healthy and vibrant?"  We will likely find ourselves natuarlly at the gym more or naturally eating better and not downing the daily donut because we are focused directly on what we were going for in the first place with static goals - how we want to feel.  

By focusing on manifesting the feeling  we want in our daily lives  the improvements become more sustainable and organic. It can also show us all the abundant ways that life can offer up answers to how we want to feel in our lives that we hadn't considered before - it opens up our minds to more ways to meet the genuine goals when we are focused on how we want to feel and who we want to be in any given moment.

So, I really look forward to seeing you in this New Year and for life to rise up and meet you with all its best at every turn


Best, Christina O






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