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Tantra is a beautiful unique experience and can add richness,  knowledge and revitalization to your life. Here are a few tips that will guide you on your way to having the best session possible 


* Trust Chemistry 

An important aspect of having a great session is feeling relaxed, open, and positive with your practitioner. While you want to choose someone who will offer a genuine Tantra session (more on that later) don't choose just based on their experience and training. How you feel during your session is a large part of how much you will take away from it. If it's not someone who you have a relaxed enjoyable chemistry and that you enjoy the company of - even if it's for just an hour or two - then what they are offering and teaching you just isn't going to really stick. Just as we learn best when we are having fun, the Tantrika who makes you instantly smile when you think about her you will be most receptive and open to during the session. 

Also, I've met incredible Tantrikas who don't have certfications from well-known programs. But, in having a genuine Tantra session come to your initial contact with as many specifics as possible about what you are wanting to learn and experience from Tantra. A great genuine practitioner will talk specifically about Tantra, talk about it a lot on their site, and be able to easily answer your questions. Even if someone is under a Tantra section, look into their site and see that it's something they have really invested their time and energy into and can talk about comfortably. 


* Come with an Open-Mind 

“A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open.”
― Frank Zappa

The greatest gift you can give yourself is to arrive at your session with a positive attitude, expecting to have a wonderful session with a great practioner. There's a great story I heard from a yoga teacher - a new student came up to him after class and said "this is the best class I've ever been to!" The student came again the next day and after class said "THIS is the greatest class I've ever had - it was so amazing - thank you!"  The day after the student took a class with another teacher. The teacher overheard the student saying to the other teacher after class "This is the best class ever!"  What the yoga teacher saw the student was teaching him was that it was the attitude that the student brought to the class that largely determined the success the student got out of the class. 

Decide before  you walk thru the door that you made the right choice and that you are going to have an incredible session. Be confident in your choice and come knowing that it's going to be the best session you've ever had - no matter how many times you have experienced Tantra. 



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