Ripple EffectCategory: General   Apr 17th 2014  11:56AM   0

Taking the time out of our schedules for choosing actions of positive self-care has a ripple affect. Each positive action triggers another and so on.  Our next actions are more likely to be positive once we get on a roll. Investing in that time that is personal, satisfying, fulfilling, relaxing, and nourishing affects the choices we continue to make.  It's called the Slight Edge. We often sabatoge our best effects by believing they have to be all sweeping and grand. But, we with most things, real benefit happens in all the tiny choices we make in each moment.  Being immersed in a creative, sensual, feminine, nurturing atmosphere for even just an hour or two is one of those positive choices that brings more light, joy, comfort, and peace into your life. I've immersed myself in this for nearly a decade now and it's such a lovely thing to see and experience - it keeps getting better and better. 

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