More Than Good LooksCategory: General   Nov 11th 2010  09:55AM   0

I noticed something interesting today. I was in the grocery store and the manager asked a man beside me how he was doing. I hadn't noticed the man at all and continued going about my business. But then the man answered "I am wonderful!  I am alive. I am breathing. I am healthy. And I am living in the greatest city in the world!" The sincere enthusiasm that poured out of him put an instant smile on my face. I turned to see who it was. He was a very ordinary looking person but as he continued on this way I was so drawn to his warm, positive energy.  A genuine love for life radiated from him and he light up everyone he spoke to. He reminded me how much a person's outlook on life contributes to their attractiveness. I am not really talking about animal attraction - where we think someone is just so incredibly physically attractive that we have a one track mind. We all know that person could be as dull as a stump and it doesn't change a thing. But, once that turn-on wears off we are ready to split if that person has a downer attitude. I have guy friends who are average looking and have women flocking around him. Not only that - they have the relationships they want.  And it's really obvious that it's because these guys have attractive attitudes. They radiate a quality that is enjoyable to spend a lot of time around. Good looks are largely just luck but an attitude is something that is personal. It has to be worked at. It is an internal decision. It says the truth about a person.  And someone who is attentive to the beauty of life is very sexy indeed.

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