One Good Thing Leads to Another Category: General   Jan 6th 2015  07:30PM   0

So, it's another New Year  and there's that space between resolution cynicism and relentless optimism that can be a refreshing place to start the New Year in - that space where we gently move our daily choices in the direction that's both pleasurable and healthy - there's the cold turkey option of resolutions that does sometimes work - to just turn onto that new road, make the choice and never look back - and there's a brisk exhilaration that comes out of that kind of transformation - to experience yourself as someone who can jump onto a new path - one that's better for you  - with ease and crisp declaration. And then there's another way to go about it that is just as valid. It's embracing that every choice you make has it's own momentum - it's own vibrational community - or put another way "You can't eat just one" - that each time you follow through with something that's great for you it's far more likely  the next choice will also be great for you - and even one's that are purely guilty pleasures - with your storehouse of self-caring choices behind you your next choice is still likely to be a great one for you - it's very similar to making regular deposits into a savings account - even if you forget a week - the momentum of all the previous deposits will have you more easily jump back in - that wave has it's own energy that's pushing you forward. The best news in all of this is that it can be the most simple things. It doesn't have to be grand gestures. Even the tiniest choice registers - we never know which tiny choice we make in a single day will shift the course of our lives for the better -

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