Passion for QualityCategory: General   Apr 7th 2015  01:21PM   0

From the beginning, I designed Way of Bliss to be a "quality over quanity" practice. I invested in high quality education with celebrated, repubtable teachers, continue to perfect my skills, look for how I can provide the best quality for the time and I hired the best phone assistant in the universe.

I've studied deeply into how every session can be it's best- be it the one-hour blissful bodywork sessions that  transform your stress into relaxation and revitalization to the five hour Tantric education sessions to the gorgeous excitement of Bondassage to providing the perfect Tantric evening for an amazing couple, to choosing the most amazing practioners for sessions with two practitioners and more.

The quality of the experience is always at the forefront. It's also what's sustained me in having a really thriving practice for many years - and I bring the benefit of that experience and expertise into every session. I look forward to being able to provide a kick-ass session for you this Spring and beyond.



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