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There are always To-Dos on our list for the day - pick up the dry-cleaning, buy the groceries, take the dog to see all his buddies at the dog park, return the long list of work calls.... And in the hum of activity we can't get away from the finite nature of time - we only have so much of it - and because of that it's time today - right now - to start on that dream that keeps pulling on you - to wake up in the morning grateful that you have another day ahead of you - that in the wild and wooly journey of life you got another day - and do the smallest possible thing towards those things that you would regret not doing in the end - break it down to the smallest action - plant the seed - and the next day do the next smallest step towards it -  We often psyche ourselves out from worthwhile change by making it into a huge and sweeping change - but real things happen one action at a time - a seed is dropped into the earth - and day by day it's given the simple things it needs to grow - so today create a spark of life in your dreams by doing the smallest step possible towards it - ok do it now - I'm waiting.. awesome..excellent! Do that again tmrw and the next day and the next day...put it into your calendar..write it down...schedule it..You are Worth It. 


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