Welcome to the Way of Bliss Coaching Program

Incredible value can be gained through working with a sex and relationship coach.

Your best sex life is made up of these essentials: connection, play, peace, honesty, autonomy, meaning, and physical well-being. It's more than just a hot roll in the hay. It's an expression of who you are. How many of these qualities are missing from your sex life right now? How would your life show up for you if these qualities were present?

Having a deeply satisfying sex life will dramatically improve every aspect of your life. There are the obvious improvements like happier relationships and a sense of satisfaction and well-being. But, that's just the beginning. You will find significant improvements in your health, self-esteem, career success, creative fulfillment, spiritual meaning and peace of mind. A great sex life will make you a better partner, a better parent, better at your job and inspire you towards greater service in the world.

Your best self can be found in an authentic, fulfilling sex life. Gain benefit from one or two sessions or a complete sex life makeover.

Coaching sessions are fully clothed and strictly educational in nature. They can be included as part of an experiential session scheduled on separate days.

What you can expect to gain from coaching with me:

Sex Ed 101

  • Practical Advice for improving your sex life
  • How to better satisfy your partner
  • How to do it better safer
  • Sex toys 101

Sexual Well-being

  • Overcoming sexual stumbling blocks
  • Releasing guilt, shame, and fear around fantasies, desires, and sexual expression
  • Healing trauma and shame around sexual orientation
  • Uniting your spirituality with your sexuality

Tantra 101

  • Find deeply fulfilling, expanded and extended intimacy
  • Learn how to have greater health, vitality, and success through the proper cultivation of your sexual energy
  • In-depth work with the chakra system to gain greater balance, empowerment, health, and authentic expression
  • Explore your spirituality through your sensual empowerment

Relationship Skills

  • How to date successfully
  • How to create win-win sexual relationships
  • How to show and communicate your deep love for your partner in a way that they really get
  • How to heal a sexual relationship when your partner has experienced sexual trauma in the past


My coaching sessions are results driven with clear goals set within specific time frames. All sessions include a take home action plan with follow-up.   Please note that Skype and phone sessions are coaching and educational only. Any requests for explicit activity in any coaching session - in person or distance - will cause the session to be immediately terminated without refund.

A few kudos from coaching clients:

"Just talking with you for an hour has given me so much more clarity. You have the gift of saying the exact thing that made everything clear for me."

I also felt like I could completely share without being judged. You are very easy to talk to about things I don't even share with my best friends. You're goal was really to create a positive result and drastic improvement for my life."

"I brought my girlfriend in for a couple's sex coaching session because you helped me so much in our coaching session that I know your perfect for working with our issues. You are an exceptionally gifted coach. I was so excited to know I could bring her to someone who really would get results "

"You provided the missing piece that I've been searching hi and low for. No matter who I went to I couldn't find the piece that would create real peace of mind and forward motion for me around my issue. You provided that in just one session together. "


Please contact me at to set up a 20 minute complimentary consultation.