Both security and privacy are important for us to establish a safe, open and honest dialogue. I'm an entirely independent practitioner and it's necessary for my safety and security to verify everyone with whom I may meet.

My discreet and painless screening process can be done over the phone or by email. Your privacy is very important to me. Any information given to me will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and respect.


For your convenience, I will always confirm our time together.


An appointment for Tantra is also a business appointment. Please respect my time and yours by offering appropriate notice of cancellations or rescheduling. I appreciate at least a day's notice, or two hours' notice for same day cancellations by phone so that I can adjust my schedule accordingly. I am a professional and I gather you expect the same kind of courtesy in your profession. Preferring not to take deposits, if you fail to let me know within an appropriate time of our confirmed session you will be charged a fee upon rescheduling.


I ask that you please take a refreshing rinse before our time together so that you come to my table clean and refreshed. For your convenience, my studio offers a full wash room with a myriad of shower products.


I am a discreet person by nature. In return, I ask for the same pleasantry during our correspondence and/or friendship. As I do not offer illegal activities, discussing them will not be tolerated and I will be forced to end our correspondence.

I prefer our communications to be all about planning our special occasion together and not discussing details that are easily found here and other places on my website.

I want our time to be special for the both of us. Please remember I am a lady and I request you treat me as such. Mutual respect and courtesy go a long way.

At no point during our meeting will the consideration be discussed. Please place it in a white envelope tucked into a card, gift bag or your favorite book

The time I spend with you is private. I do not allow reviews and you will not find any. The care I have taken with my presentation is indicative of the care I will take with you.