Sensuality is experiencing life energy through the senses, appreciating the joys of this energy making itself known through sensation. Joy is a feeling of delight so deep and so lasting that one radiates, and spontaneously expresses, happiness and fulfillment during the journey, not just at the destination. Experiencing that level of fulfillment on a regular basis can be tremendously valuable for the health of your body, mind and spirit. It is also a gift you give to yourself and everyone around you.

I always had the sneaking suspicion that embracing deep pleasure and bliss is vital to excellent health of the mind,body, and spirit. When I started seriously exploring Tantra, it was as if I turned the lights on inside and everything was brighter and more alive. I felt open hearted, able to go with the flow yet decisive, clear and grounded at the same time. It was easy to enjoy every moment.

I have always had a great affinity for self-expression and awareness through the body. Sexuality never ceases to fascinate me, especially for it's ability to positively affect our life on so many levels. I feel happiest when I am connecting with you through this interest.

In my desire for a deeper understanding, I have been blessed to learn from some of the greatest teachers of our time. It is to you I offer the wealth of my 10 years of education and exploration in this field. I am a Certified Urban Tantra Practioner, from the Founder of Urban Tantra, Barbara Carrellas. I have had the pleasure of learning from Bodhi Avinasha, Patti Taylor, Nicole Daedone of One Taste, David Deida, Dr. Juliana Dahl, Sheri Winston, Kamala Devi, Betty Martin and the wonderful classes at NYC Sexy Spirits. I am also an Ordained Interfaith Minister.

I am continually educating myself to offer you the best information. In every session with me you will receive the benefit of my great caring and extensive experience and skill.

Others like you have shared that they love my ability to deliver profound, experiential teachings that compliment an urban lifestyle with a loving and enthusiastic spirit.

My other paths and passions of mine have included work in one of NYC's major publishing houses, a staff writer for a non-profit, an assistant to the President of a NYC fashion design house, a professional animal caretaker/rescue worker/rehabilitator, and professional modern dancer. Although I had a great time nothing inspired me as deeply as Tantra and other forms of the sacred sensuality. It was just to good not to share! So, here I am.