Sessions are a sacred space with details kept safely between you and I. I do not advocate for clients to post reviews of our sessions on review sites. But, I also understand you haven't met me before and some general thoughts from people who have can be helpful in feeling confident about your choice. So, here are some testimonials about general things in our session such as attitude and atmosphere.


“Thank you so much for everything. You truly helped me through a difficult period and filled me with encouragement and self worth. I look forward to our next time together.”

"The moment you walk through Christina's door the stress and troubles of your day melt's away with her inviting smile.  Her soft yet firm approach transports you and has me coming back for more! "

"Thank you for creating such unique and imaginative sessions every time we meet!  It's like two hours or more of being spirited away in both relaxation and exhilaration.  Feeling renewed each and every time.  Thank you."

"My wife and I were interested in a new experience but were apprehensive to try something as risque, for us, as a couples massage. Christina was amazing in allaying our trepidation. It turned out to be a truly blissful experience because of her caring and intuitive approach. We highly recommend her services."

"Christina is incredibly delightful and easy to spend time with. We have had incredible dinners out and so much fun into the night both with and without her girlfriends. We have spent several sessions together and I always look forward to the next one!"

"When I had my first session (of several) with Christina I got to meet an upbeat, funny, wise and very insightful woman. That she is also absolutely gorgeous and incredibly sensual almost goes without saying. Her pictures don't do her justice.  I just let her drive during the session and I have no regrets at all. You will have an awesome time with her and will leave feeling better about yourself and the world in general. "

"Your charm and wit establish an environment that encourages collaborative creativity at every session. Thank you!"

"Dear Christina, 

Thanks you for so many wonderful sessions through the years, you are simply amazing, the best! making my trips to NY worth the visit! I am always amazed how you can perfectly read my mind and never out of great new ideas to respond to these needs, can’t wait to see you again!"

"Christina is really one of a kind. She is the complete package of sexy, talented and caring. The best thing about her really is how much she cares- she always asks me what I want ahead of time and tailors her session accordingly. I can't wait to see her again!"



"I can really tell that you love what you do. It's really clear that you enjoy your work and that's one of the reasons I really like booking with you."

"Thank you for your genuine warmth, care, creativity and attention to detail"

"You are the absolute best! This is the best session I've ever had"

"You are even more beautiful in person"

"You are such a genuine, down-to-earth, fun person. I feel totally comfortable around you."

"You always come up with the best ideas for our sessions"

"I feel fantastic. You are magical."

"You have that wonderful Mid-Western charm that makes time with you a total pleasure"

"Wow, you really know what you are doing. You are a legitimate practitioner who really understands her craft" 

"You know those peak experiences in life that you can vividly recall years later? Well, this session with you and my partner was one of those kinds of experiences."

"It's like you can read my mind and know exactly what to do in each moment. You have an incredible gift"

"Thank you for everything that you do."

"My girlfriend felt really comfortable around you and we still talk about our session all the time. We loved it."

"This is such a healing practice. And, I learned so much. Thank you."

"You picked the right name for your practice:Blissful!"